Pink and Green Pineapple Pattern Doily

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This is an unusual color combination applied to a beautiful old design of the pineapples. Pineapples were a Victorian era symbol of hospitality and can often be found carved into the woodwork of period homes. This is also unusual in that it’s made in two layers. The center is just one piece and then the two layers start at the edge of the circle. It was possibly designed to be starched so the upper level stood apart. I bought this at a flea market and it was filthy. It took a few washings and soakings to see its true color and the verigation in the pink. It’s a beautiful piece..

Modern Butterfly Motif Tatting from Venice



My friend, Mark Patterson, took this photo in a shop window in Venice, Italy, ┬áin early October, 2013. He agreed to let me share it here. I assume it’s tatted. I love the delicacy of it and the beautiful butterfly design. It’s also so nice to have a friend think of you when traveling. It’s a really lovely piece..

Vintage Doily with Tatted Lace Edge


This doily was created by Linda Law’s grandmother, Gladys Nunemaker. She’s unsure if she did the embroidery in the middle, but knows she made the tatted lace. The embroidery looks hand done as well, so I’m guessing she did it all. It’s a really beautiful piece – so very delicate. I love it when people share these family pieces and stories with me. Perfectly lovely! Thank you, Linda, for the photos and the story. Thank you, Gladys, for creating such beauty in the world.


Embroidered Purple Lace-Edged Hankie

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Hankies like this were often sold as ready to use, or ready to be embellished with some embroidery. This one is plain except for the crocheted lace edge, which is beautifully done. I’m guessing it was machine done because of the precision of the attachment, but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

EDIT: Some ladies on Facebook who saw this photo believe the crochet is hand made. One remembers her grandmother making an almost identical one about 65 years ago. I love it, regardless, but I”m happy to learn this. It explains why the crochet looks more like it was hand made, but the edges were manufactured to allow for easy attachment. Perfection!.